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What does TV unlocking mean ?

In modern cars navigation systems are equipped with a TV-Tuner, i.e. the navigation system enables the passengers to watch TV on its screen whilst driving. In case the navigation system has a DVD-player in most cases DVD-Films are to be watched, too.

Audi TV Freischaltung

To watch TV or DVD is only possible whilst the car is at a standstill or at low speed. When driving above slow motion the screen is turning off automatically. This is for your own safety so that you are not diverted whilst driving. Thus, unfortunately passengers cannot watch and enjoy TV or DVD whilst driving and the accommodate entertainment during long distance journeys.

BMW TV Freischaltung

In order to resolve this problem we offer for many motorcar types TV unlocking or DVD-Activation, no matter if you have a Mercedes Comand System, a Navi Plus System of AUDI or a different system. TV unlocking enables you to use the TV and DVD-Function of the Navigation System whilst driving. By Tv-Activation you can show to your passengers a DVD-film whilst driving or even you can make the journey more pleasant for your children on long distance holiday trips.

Porsche TV Freischaltung

We realize TV-Activation by programming the Tv-Module by means of Onboard Diagnostic Interface (OBD Interface) of the motorcar. Many vehicles need a TV-Module to be installed for TV-Activation can be cancelled everytime.

If there is any question do not hesitate to contact us!


Important Hint according Tv-Activation

TV-Activation enables you to use the TV. or/and DVD-Function of your navigation system whilst driving.

TV-Activation is neither forbidden nor allowed. Principally you must pay attention to three points :

1. TÜV : Owing to the fact Audio and Video Instruments in the car are underlying no admission restrictions the traffic serviceability is not altered bye the changement of implements.

2. ACCIDENT : In case the vehicle has an accident the insurer has to prove in case of doubt that the driver was diverted by TV. Indeed, this is only to prove if the driver has watched TV or not and not if the TV-Activation is allowed or not.

3. POLICE CONTROL : In Case a Police Control recognizes that the driver is diverted by TV he may be stopped and is treated like somebody who has driven his automobile careless.
The TV-Function here has no effect.


TV-Activation itself is not prohibited. But it is completely right and forbidden to be diverted by television during driving.

Using TV-Activation is completely on its own risk. TV-Activation allows the co-driver and the other passengers to use TV and/or DVD function during driving.

The driver may not be diverted and must watch the traffic!




TV Activation for all Mercedes NTG-2 Command Systems via OBD.

TV unlocking for all BMW Models E60, E63, E90 via OBD possible.

Attention : Right now TV-Activation is also possible for
AUDI Models also those with reserving camera

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